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she’s annoyed because she has just discovered she is unable to lick her elbow

hence why her arm is bent at such a painful-looking angle

unfortunately this happened mid battle and she lost concentration on the crazy force chain lightning thing she had going and that’s why it looks like it does

and not at all because fuck this moving on

best motivation: trying to avoid drawing something else while not feeling shit about it

kinda my first attempt ever at something speed-painty-ish i guess? idk

i only just realized that woah what am i doing, i’m not shading in pen, i have options other than weird dark crosshatching, i can vary line pressure holy shit what is this sorcery

it just didn’t even occur to me

am i even capable of normal smooth pencil shading anymore, idk


spent a large part of the day in a tea house drawing the buildings i could see from the window <3 eventually i started messing up a large amount of the lines though and decided to stop for the day, so i’m not sure when (if ever) this will be finished.

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