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oh gosh sorry i’m late, but happy birthday zer0!! <3

messing around with styles and drawing my characters actually interacting with each other woah


i was flung into the deus ex verse and accidentally became pritchard

something like a reference for diana i suppose

i’m like 90% happy with how this turned out, which is the happiest i’ve been with a drawing all year. i’m sure i’ll look back at this in a week and see a shitton of issues, but oh well

of course i didn’t draw fdassassin's birthday gift on time.

i did, however, draw fenrir as part of a “don’t worry, it’s in progress” thing

(who i just realised i forgot to do the tattoos for because that was part of a not-finished colour layer D: sorry, i’ll update it later or something)

sketching with the binary tool is fun but ahaha after realizing just how large it is there’s no hope of resizing

that part’s less fun

generally i wouldn’t post this but idk i really like how it looks

she’s annoyed because she has just discovered she is unable to lick her elbow

hence why her arm is bent at such a painful-looking angle

unfortunately this happened mid battle and she lost concentration on the crazy force chain lightning thing she had going and that’s why it looks like it does

and not at all because fuck this moving on

he’s really annoyed about that shirt

Favourite Dragon Age II characters: Aveline and Isabela

Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution

ridiculously belated nameday gift for fdassassin

woah hey look at me drawing something other than faces for once! (only days after i challenged myself to draw faces. i, uh, oops?)

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